Introducing Australian Medievalists

Welcome to Australian Medievalists, a new collaborative blog project.

We want to celebrate and showcase the work of Australian medievalists; discuss the challenges of geographical isolation; talk about research and higher education in Australia, particularly in the area of Medieval Studies.

We plan to include

  • Book and article reviews
  • Conference reports (especially those held in Australia or that feature Australian scholars)
  • Current projects of Australian medievalists
  • The unique challenges of studying the Middle Ages in Australia
  • Short essays and presentations of research on medieval topics

Our regular writers will be Kiera Naylor, Amy Brown, and Samantha Leggett.  We will also have others contributing on either  semi-regularly or occasionally.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved. All contributions and suggestions welcome.

Contact via Twitter @AusMedievalists, @mskieralouise or @amisamileandme | via email

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