Introducing Kiera Naylor

Who are you?

My name (obviously) is Kiera. I run this blog and its accompanying twitter account. My BA majors were Medieval Studies/English and I completed honours in Medieval Studies.

What’s your connection to Australia?

I’m an Aboriginal Australian and I’ve grown up in Sydney.

Where did you study?

I completed my BA (Hons) at the University of Sydney in June this year. I will be commencing my PhD with the Medieval and Early Modern Centre at the same university next year.

What are you currently involved in?

My current project is starting this blog. I have a small break in between finishing honours and starting my PhD, so I’m just reading and enjoying some free time.

What’s your research area?

My research interests are the language and literature of Anglo-Saxon England and medieval Iceland, particularly Latin, Old English, Old Norse, linguistics, and Icelandic sagas.

My honours thesis was titled ‘From Latin to Old English: Translation Theory and the Pastoral Care.‘ In my thesis I applied modern translation theory to Alfred the Great’s translation of Pope Gregory I’s Cura Pastoralis.

My PhD project will be to prepare a critical edition and translation with commentary of the Old English versions of the Life of St Guthlac and the Life of St Chad. I’m very excited because I love language and translating.

What aspects of higher education/academia get you thinking/reading aside from your research?

Digital humanities! Though I will be incorporating this into my PhD, so technically it is part of my research. I am so excited about the possibilities in technological advances and using them for new analysis and interpretations.

I am also interested in diversity and inclusion in higher education and academia. So the inclusion of women, people with disabilities, people from a low socio-economic background, and people of colour (particularly Indigenous Australians).

I think about, and like to read about, the portrayal of the Middle Ages and medieval culture in popular culture, particularly in fantasy books, TV shows, and games.

What are your non-academic hobbies?

Watching TV shows, playing games (computer/console/tabletop) and reading (sci-fi/fantasy/stuff-on-the-Internet). At the moment I’m mostly playing WildStar (an MMORPG).

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