What We’ve Been Reading: a non-comprehensive rec list from your hostesses

Small sister admiring the Thesis Finishing Scarf. A close-up view would show rows of snarl corresponding to ‘completed full draft’ and ‘received feedback on said draft’.

Shorter than book reviews, slower than twitter, it’s that old-fashioned content type, the blog roundup.

Amy Recommends:

  • My Dissertation Sweater at GradHacker: accurate and encouraging metaphor for scholarly output!
  • Widow Warlords, at A Corner of Tenth Century Europe: because I always like it when Jarrett tells stories about women not named Adelaide, and because in this case I think he’s spot on about localised power in the hands of women being not ‘weird’ just (relatively) uncommon.
  • How to Read a Book (or anything, really), at Hook and Eye: a thought-provoking look at the way we think about and teach academic reading.

and a bonus fluff suggestion: thisishowacademicsdress.tumblr.com, hosted by Rachel of menysnowballes. I still mourn the demise of academichic.com, which I read often and drew on when figuring out non-acdemic officewear and then how to do Teaching Clothes. Do the grad students of the world a favour, send pictures of your best (or weirdest!) academic outfits…

Kiera Respectfully Suggests:

Links! I could give you a hundred links to things I find interesting and still not be done, so I’ll do my best to restrain myself.  Today I shall give you some non-Medieval blogs I particularly like:

Sam Proposes, for your edification:

  • IFLS – its full of great scientific tidbits and weird facts, one of the recent posts that might interest people here is this post on the death of King Richard III complete with a fun youtube model of how he carked it!  The original Lancet paper is great too (link in the IFLS article).*
  • I’m also perpetually on these two meme/cartoon websites for thesis support – PhD Comics and #whatshouldwecallgradschool 
  • Also because I’m having a Ricardian moment, and who doesn’t love a bit of Max Irons and Aneurin Barnard? Check out The White Queen if you haven’t already, the books are alright, but this is much better –  in my opinion. Amanda Hale as Lady Margaret Beaufort is fantastic, just the right amount of fanatical mixed in with diabolical. Plus the costumes are pretty 😀

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