Boast post!

I very much doubt either Kiera or Sam would do this, so that leaves me free to do it for them: guess which bloggers got first-class Hons from the University of Sydney this year?

That would be Kiera and Sam – and also our guest poster Emma of teapotsandtypewriters. Kiera completed mid-year, and the other two just recently, and I am super pleased with all of them.

I mentioned in my last post that I had spent a daft amount of time feeling ashamed of my grades (perfectly respectable), various details of my career choices, and so on. Shame is not a productive response to any of these things, and it occurred to me after writing that post that regret is another matter. There are a bunch of things I regret about my academic path: picking a few out of the air, these include my dedicated avoidance of either ‘Writing History’ or the English department’s theory units in undergrad; not having taken sick leave off my scholarship when I was making zero progress due to mental health; and a handful of times where I fell into the casual teacher’s trap of going too far above and beyond with no net gain for myself and minimal gain for students.

One thing I don’t regret is having got to spend time working with and teaching these three bright sparks. Only Kiera I taught at 4000 level: I taught all three in second year courses over two years, which gives me a nice vantage point from which I don’t feel that I had anything much to do with their success in honours but have gratifying insight into how their skills and interests set out and sharpened over time.

I’m also peculiarly lucky to have formed friendships with all three, which is hardly an everyday outcome of teaching someone for more than one subject.

Had I a glass, O Internet, I would raise it: a toast to clever young scholars and excellent human beings.

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